Upcoming Events Of interest – Fall 2014

MFA Outlook 2013, October 16 -17, New York

At the CME PAC meeting, #om le$: Frank Siciliano, George Gero, James Newsome and George McNamara.

MFA’s Hedge Fund Leadership Conference will feature a distinguished panel of speakers, and is media free. Outlook 2014 is designed to bring leaders together to discuss the political, regulatory, and investment global landscapes. CME Group is a platinum sponsor.

Singapore International Energy Week, October 27 – 31, Singapore The Singapore

International Energy Week is an international platform for energy professionals, policy makers and industry experts to meet and discuss energy issues and solutions. More than 5,000 individuals and 30 high profile speakers are expected to attend this year’s event.

30th Annual Futures & Options Expo, November 5 -7, Chicago

This is the third decade for the Futures & Options Expo, the largest event of its kind held in the world. More than 120 companies present new risk management trading products, trading tools, and technology products to over 5,000 individuals from 30 countries. This conference is one of the biggest futures and options events this year.

International Traders Expo, November 19 -22, Las Vegas

The International Trader’s Expo will be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Billed as one of the trading industry’s largest expos, the conference features a number of prominent guest speakers from all aspects of the trading and commodities industry. There will also be an opportunity to win $50,000. The next International Trader’s Expo will be held in New York City in February.