COMEX Governors Celebrate at the 2014 Gold Dinner

The CFBTA held a board meeting on September 4 at the CME Group NYMEX World Headquarters building in New York. At the meeting, the board discussed recent and upcoming events and were updated on benefits and charitable work.

The association no longer sponsors insurance program. The CFBTA worked closely with Prudential to help convert members to individual life insurance policies. Some members converted, while others obtained other insurance or decided to let their life insurance expire.

On June 23, Building Homes for Heroes (BHH) held an Honoree Dinner for Howard and Allison Lutnick. The CFBTA was a sponsor of the event. BHH supports wounded veterans and their families by providing mortgage-free homes and helping with financial planning and other needs.

The CFBTA also partnered with Capital Link for their 6th annual Global Commodities, Energy & Freight Conference, which was held in New York on September 17.

One of the CFBTA’s missions is to give back to the financial community. As part of this objective, five scholarships were awarded to deserving students and volunteers worked two shifts putting together bicycles for children of the military at the 9/11 Tribute Center’s 6th annual Bike Build.

This spring, the association is planning to host a member event. The event will be free to all CFBTA members. Details will be coming soon.