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CFBTA Scholarship

Congratulations to current and past winners of the CFBTA Scholarship Program! Over the past five years, the CFBTA has awarded over $55,000 in scholarships to students pursuing a career in the financial industry.

Please note, there will not be any scholarships offered this year.
Kristin Fitzpatrick of Drexel University
Ian Mullane of Harvard University
Emily Weiland of Pennsylvania State University
Rachel Wheeler of Centre College

Lisa Fong of the University of California Los Angeles
Scott Gaffney of Sacred Heart University
Ganggas Harjianto of the University of Delaware
Michael Slaughter of Sacred Heart University
Lauren Youngson of the University of Florida
Brandon Durenkott of the University of Delaware
Robert Landhauser of Fordham University
Alexis Shankman of the University of Miami
Evan Turpen of Loyola University
Matthew Altschul of Indiana University
Brian Laureano of the University of Connecticut
Matthew Rich of the University of St. Louis
Robin Wang of Dartmouth
Joshua Cohen of Rutgers University
Amber Criscone of Syracuse University