9/11 Tribute Bike Build

Chris Vo!mer displays a recently completed toddler bike.

On September 18, the 9/11 Tribute Center held a bike build as part of their annual 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. A team of CFBTA volunteers assembled bicycles for children of active military members.

A morning and an afternoon team worked together to build 35 bikes for toddlers, 5-8 year olds and teenagers. The AM team was composed of CFBTA Co Chairperson Madeline Boyd, Lisa Morgan McNaney, Lisa Okubo and Chris Vollmer. The PM team members were Madeline, Lisa, Chris, Mitchell Steinhause, Barbara Capsuto and Jack Kamin.

The CFBTA was a sponsor of the event. Many volunteers came from companies affected by 9/11.

“This was such a worthwhile and meaningful experience for everyone who participated,” said Ms. Boyd. “Everyone on our team pitched in to make sure we finished on time for these children.”

The Huffy bicycles were bought at a discount with a donation from Mellon Bank.

After assembling the bikes, teams added ribbons and wrote a special note for each child. Together, the 9/11 Tribute Center built 500 bicycles, 343 of which were taken to families in Fort Benning, Georgia and 157 for families in Fort Hamilton, NY.


Madeline Boyd poses with two toddler bikes the team helped build.

Mitchell Steinhause and his wife Barbara Capsuto assemble a bike for a young girl.