Welcome to the CFBTA

A not-for-profit association representing
the interests of the trading community.


The Commodity Futures Brokers and Traders Association, founded in 1990, represents the interests of the New York trading community. Our goal as a non-profit group is to explain, enhance, improve, and represent our profession to the trading community, investment public, and regulatory bodies.

We are a group that transcends individual exchange issues and politics to address concerns common to us all: government proposals and regulations that affect our livelihood; ethical business practices; better trading facilities; technology and its impact on trading today; and the globalization of world markets. We also take time to focus on the individual needs of our membership.

Since our formation, we have made enormous progress as an organization. Our status and usefulness to our members has increased proportionately. We are regular ambassadors to Washington – explaining the futures and options industry to regulators, legislators, and industry groups. This has become increasingly important today, with the recent expansion of government oversight in the financial markets.

Our continued success as an all-volunteer group is founded in our membership. We would like to thank those who regularly donate their time to our cause. Without our many directors, officers and members, our New York futures and options industry would be without a focused voice.



The CFBTA offers a number of advantages to our members. Our organization also offers discounts with rental car agencies, industry publications, and retail stores. For a complete listing, please see below.

Our officers and members are a strong presence in Washington, working to address the needs of those in the futures industry. We are also a resource for brokers and traders looking to stay connected with past and present members of the trading community.

Our Mission

We will be ethical in all our dealings with fellow members, the public, and our customers and employees, and will conduct ourselves professionally so that our acts will be deemed in good faith and a credit to our profession.


Compliance Corner

The Compliance Corner will focus on individual topics so the members will have information available for themselves, and if necessary, for use in response to compliance or regulatory requests, etc.

Potential areas that could be addressed on the compliance page are:

  • impact of regulations on the members with explanations and their impact on how they do business,
  • obtain information and explanation about exchange rules and like the above their impact, and
  • respond to members request concerning the above or other compliance or regulatory issues.