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The Commodity Futures Brokers and Traders Association, founded in 1990, represents the interests of the New York trading community. Our goal as a non-profit group is to explain, enhance, improve, and represent our profession to the trading community, investment public, and regulatory bodies.


April 27, 2017

To All Concerned:

Please be advised that in March of 2017 the CFBTA filed an application, including all supporting documents, with the New York Attorney General’s office to dissolve the organization. The AG’s office approved the filing, and subsequently the certificate of dissolution and associated documents were sent to the State Department of Taxation and Finance. We await confirmation of the filing of the certificate of dissolution from the NY Secretary of State.

Due to the changes to the industry over the past few years and the 2015 decision to cease offering any benefits and collecting dues, the CFBTA can no longer fulfill the organization’s mission as outlined in the Bylaws. The Board of Directors unanimously voted to take the necessary steps towards formal dissolution.

The organization is no longer active, and the CFBTA website will be shut down at the end of May, 2017.

We appreciate your past support and participation.

Thank you.

CFBTA Board of Directors